DEAR day - Pre primary Event

DEAR day - Pre primary Event:

Pre primary celebrated D.E.A.R DAY today. D- drop E- everything A- and R- read. Msb banswara pre primary section is home to the choicest of books. Today Children were read aloud a book by celebrated children's author Julia Donaldson. Children's enthusiasm throughout the book reading was a sight to behold. We hope this reading that starts from school finds its way into each n every child's home and heart. Each child chose and read a book with his friend or teacher using the colourful souvenir gifted to him/ her to commemorate this special day. We urge you to join your child in this journey of reading and allow him/ her to soar new heights. Let's keep reading the MIGHTY WORD.

  • Centre:MSB Educational Institute, Banswara
  • Date:12 Apr,2019

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