Maths Week STD 1st

Maths Week STD 1st :

“Maths mingles in our lives indicating every problem has a solution”.
In an effort to lay a strong foundation of Mathematics among our young students, Maths Week had been organized for the Primary Section from 5th to 9th July 2021. The purpose of Maths Week was to strengthen their basic mathematics concepts in a simple and playful manner.
Class 1 participated in the following activities:
▪️Mathematical Hat
▪️Number Tree    
▪️Super Market
▪️Flower Petals
▪️Tasbeeh Activity
These activities helped them hone their reasoning and creative thinking skills. Above all, it drove great enthusiasm and participation in students.

  • Centre:MSB Educational Institute, Banswara
  • Date:09 Jul,2021

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